Thank you, Spencer

I have not written a blog all month. I’m sorry. I have been working like a dog, lately. That expression doesn’t really work, does it? Working like a dog. I’ve had several dogs in my lifetime and loved them all dearly, especially the last one, but they didn’t work much. In fact, they were quite lazy. My last dog stared at me for several years. In between eating, playing and doing number twos, she spent most of her day just staring at me. I like to think it was love. But perhaps it was just an attempt to impress upon me her need to eat, play or do number two.

So, I digress. Forgive me.

Well, I really just want to comment on a comment. On March 6th, Spencer wrote,

I wanted to say thank you…I am a Soldier deployed in Iraq, and came across a free copy of your movie The Almost Guys. It was great! You certainly brightened the day in a place where it matters. Thank you very much. By the way, your website is hilarious.

Damn, did that make me feel good! About as good as I’ve felt in quite a while. In fact, it made me feel as good as when my old dog, Monkey, used to stare at me lovingly, for hours at a time.

Over the holidays, the producers, Andrea Michaud and Karen Blessington, donated around 5,000 DVDs of “The Almost Guys” to soldiers in Iraq and to some trauma centers, here in the US. The movies were included in care packages through a wonderful program called Operation Gratitude. Just before I traveled home to visit my family, I took part in a celebration of the shipment of care package number 200,000.

I have to be honest, I’m always a little nervous around the military. I feel like, at any moment, someone will yell at me and make me drop and give them 50 push-ups. I’m just the kind of guy who attracts discipline like that. In fact, on my way into the ceremony, I held an umbrella up and an old Army officer yelled, “Jesus, it’s not even raining hard. What are you a pansy?” I hadn’t even entered the building yet and someone was yelling at me. I didn’t know if I should put the umbrella down and give him 50, or not. He laughed and said, “Just kidding.” I gave him a manly laugh in return and tried to look confident and at ease.

I met the mayor. Here’s a picture of myself, Andrea Michaud and the mayor… Antonio Villaraigosa:


His teeth are very impressive. He seems like a nice guy. I voted for him and I told him this, but he really didn’t thank me very much. I suppose a lot of people voted for him and I’m not really that special. That’s Ed Asner’s head in the background. He seemed a little cranky, so I didn’t speak to him. I thought I’d do a Ted Knight impression from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” but I suppose he’s a little tired of that. Or worse, wouldn’t remember.

So aside from a few useless actors and seemingly sincere politicians with great teeth, there were soldiers there… some older officers and some kids. And I mean, kids. They look so young. It’s an odd feeling, knowing you don’t agree with the war but feel so grateful and incredibly concerned for the kids risking their lives in unfriendly places. In fact, without sounding sappy, it’s pretty emotional to see them.

I was talking to a retired Air Force officer. He’s a Republican and an intelligent, nice guy. I’m a Democrat and maybe not as intelligent or nice. We were talking about the war in Iraq and we both skirted around the issue a bit, afraid to offend one another. (I was thinking, again, that I may be told to drop and give him 50.) However, I found it hopeful and encouraging that we both could agree that regardless of whether we support this administration’s decision to go to war, we must support those kids wearing the uniform, carefully consider every step we take in the future and care for the wounded and their families. It was nice to agree on something with the other side. I felt like Bono might run in and hug us at any moment.

So, anyway. Back to Spencer. I’m happy that you enjoyed the film. I’m overjoyed that it “brightened your day.” I can not adequately express how much your thanks have brightened mine. Take Care.


One response to “Thank you, Spencer

  1. Hi! Just wanted to say, I’ve missed your writing… Yesterday my day was starting a little slow 😦 and I needed some cheering up, and re-reading the one on hairstyles did the trick! People down the hall were wondering what was so funny, and it a put a smile on my face for the day! So thanks (again) from me too!!!

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