Eric Fleming won his first job in entertainment during a college Spring Break when he lied to a production manager about experience as a stunt-double. Within an hour, Burt Reynolds was sitting on his chest, beating him up in Reynold’s detective series, “BL Stryker.” Oddly enough, he was hooked.

Fleming received an MFA in filmmaking and his ambitious thesis film Trinity, shot aboard the only flying B-29 in the world, won festival awards in eleven countries and was featured on the Discovery Channel.

Fleming’s unusual entrée into Hollywood was a short film, Fallen Arches, a mockumentary depicting Ronald McDonald as a washed-up, bitter drunk. Shot over a weekend on 35mm short ends from the Farrelly brothers’ movie, Kingpin, the 7-minute movie became an underground Hollywood hit. After landing on the front page of Variety, Fleming suddenly had a career.

For the next six years, Fleming was thrust into what Hollywood refers to as “development,” working on assignment as a writer/director and selling original screenplays to Paramount, United Artist, MTV Films. For television, Fleming created pilots for NBC and Fox, one co-written with Michael Keaton, another starring Fleming in a comic role he created on a web entertainment site.

The Almost Guys, which premiered at the HBO U.S. Comedy Festival in Aspen and has enjoyed a limited theatrical run, is Fleming’s first feature. He is currently developing a TV show with the Executive Producers of NBC’s “The Office” and in pre-production on the satiric teen comedy entitled “Rah!”


2 responses to “Bio

  1. Marty Robinson

    Enjoyed your bit about climbing over the wall at Paramount. Since you didn’t mention Betty Hutton’s attempt in “Star Spangled Rhythm”, I thought I’d send you the link so you can see how it’s done : )

  2. If you voted for him you ain’t that smart.

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