Finally! Fallen Arches on the web!

Okay, so this is the short film that gave me a career. Thanks to the producer, Warren Davis, studio executives and actors were passing it around Hollywood and we ended up on the front page of Variety.

I wouldn’t say it’s brilliant, but this was Charlie Murphy’s message on Warren’s answering machine, “Funny! Funny! Funny!” And his brother, Eddie… “That’s some funny shit. Play that shit again.”

Now, there’s an endorsement! Enjoy!

Fleming’s short film, Fallen Arches, can be viewed here by clicking the links below.

There is a Lo/Med/Hi bandwidth version!





One response to “Downloads…

  1. Eric,
    By the way Almost Guys a great flick, Love your commentary, never noticed the fly on your shirt thanx for pointing it out.
    Any ways you told me about Falling arches and I finally checked it out after what 7 months ;-), it’s funny as hell. I was watching it at work and I started laughing uncontrollably, my coworkers were wondering what the hell.
    Just wanted to give you a shout out. (By the way this is Brandon friend of Karen’s)
    Keep up the work your a great director/ writer/ and actor. Have a great holiday and don’t get too fucked up on New Years! Cheers!

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